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About – This Blog is a Very Tasteful mixture of various audio stories. like Sunday Suspense (Radio Mirchi Kolkata), Bhoot (91.9 Friends FM), Rohosyo Romancho, Dor (ABC Radio BD), Kuasa (ABC Radio BD), Premrog, Etc Etc. 
Sunday Suspense was, is, will be The Most Popular radio program, Played on Radio Mirchi (Kolkata). Generally, it is played on Sundays starting at 12:00 noon on 98.3 FM. The show gets repeated the next Monday at 00:00 hrs and next Saturday at 4 pm and Sunday at 1 am. In this program,
various stories (mostly Bengali) are being read-out with audio-effects, so that this becomes very much attractive to the listeners. The stories usually belong to categories like Horror, detective, suspense. It is performed by Mir (Mir Afsar Ali), RJ Deep, Indrani, DJ Richard, and other artists.
Sunday Suspense aired for the first time on Radio Mirchi 98.3fm, in June 2009. The intention was to read-out Bengali Suspense stories for the listeners. It contains various audio-effects so as to make the recitation cum drama more attractive.
It started with the stories written by various Writers like Satyajit Ray, but gradually stories by other eminent Bengali authors were also aired. Bengali versions of a few English stories were occasionally broadcast. The first story of Sunday Suspense was ‘Septopas Er Khidhe’ written by Satyajit Ray.
The show soon gained popularity among the listeners and it is still running.
Special Series – Baroda, Byomkesh Bakshi, Chader Pahar, Feluda, Professor Shonku, Sadashib, Sherlock Holms, Taranath Tantrik, Tarinikhuro, Tungabhadra’r Tirey.
Rahasya Romancha is a Bengali web series streaming on the Bengali OTT platform.

On 13th March 2020 hoichoi is going to launch the 2nd season of the web series. The second season is basically the continuation of the first story of season 1 – ‘Jhontu Motors’.

In this season Rudranil Ghosh played a different avatar who runs an organization that took money to kill people. Season 2 also features Rajdeep Gupta, Shaoli Chattopadhyay & Kharaj Mukherjee. As the trailer suggests the story is going to be a thriller one.

Within mystery lies suspense and within suspense lies the surprise. Kuasha is one of the first mystery & thrill based radio drama shows. It was brought to light by ABC Radio, exclusively scripted & performed by RJ Sharmeen and ABC artists. It has been and is till date a unique blend of mystique riddled in secrecy with a touch of fright & terror.
The first segment of the show is titled “The EX-Files” where the host depicts real-life cases of murder/violence from the past which are solved.
While the second segment is a fully scripted audio drama involving horror/suspense/thriller, performed by the in house artists of ABC.
ABC’s radio sound and production team gives the stories the perfect ambiance and feel through the in-house composed background scores, soundtracks, etc.

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Radio Mirchi Sunday Suspense: A Novel Review
If you love to listen to a good mystery, Radio Mirchi Sunday Suspense is the one for you. It’s time for another adventure in the world of Valentine’s Day! This time around, the main character is called Jane; she’s an honors graduate and passionate lover of a good detective. She has plans to surprise her fiance with a secret rendezvous.

The story begins in a small village of Morji. The young women of the village are being harassed by unidentified men. One of them accuses the priest of the church of sexually abusing his minor daughter. Before he can make any moves to rectify the crime, the local police chief arrives to investigate the case. He checks out the priest and the local church but finds nothing amiss.

When the investigation ends, there is a message from the town resident informing the police about a break in at the church. The chief goes there and finds the culprits. He orders the priest to surrender while he deals with the “ringleader”. A local artist named Mirchi creates a sketch of the culprit. The artist identifies him as Diego and tells the chief.

Radio Mirchi Sunday Suspense continues as Diego approaches the girl. He apologizes for his actions and assures her that things will be different after sundown. She tells him she will always trust him. He then approaches her and asks her out to a cafe where they plan to have dinner and have a great time. When they get to the restaurant, he goes to get a pen to sign her name but she suddenly gets a call from Diego asking her if she knows of a place where he can meet her.

As the two continue to go on a romantic evening, the waiter spills some drinks in their laps. When he asks Diego for the money, he hesitates. He tells her he has already paid for the drinks. The girl tells him it is all right since he is a guest. She then tells him she has a package in her bag and offers to return it to him later.

While walking towards the cafe, Diego spots Mirchi is waiting for him. He hides behind a bush and asks her if she knows where the bag is. She tells him she just wants to pay for the food. He lets her go and she heads for the bag. She finds a ring that looks suspicious and asks Diego about the mystery buyer.

Diego then tells her about a man who owns a nightclub called Mirchi which is located near a military prison. He gives her a code number so she can look into his computer for more information. She heads to the prison and inside, she sees that the man has been giving her money on a regular basis. Mirchi then informs Diego that she has evidence that he is not the owner of the club, but rather an employee.

After learning this news, Mirchi decides to bust Diego into his own club. She threatens to throw him out if he does not give up the ownership of the nightclub. She tells him that if he fails to give up his ownership, she will reveal his affair with her friend. Although she threatens him, Diego manages to escape. Later in the novel, she gets her evidence and confront Diego about his affair.

Radio Mirchi Sunday Suspense is fast paced and enjoyable. The book contains crime fiction with a bit of romance mixed in. It is written in a great way that keeps the reader hooked until the end. The story is written in a way that will get you interested from start to finish. I loved reading this book because it was filled with action, adventure, mystery, and suspense.

This book was recently released in May, 2021. The cover of the book is in a top-notch design with a woman in a bikini in the center. The cover image is a good example of how this book should be designed. There are plenty of character descriptions throughout this book. I liked how detailed the author was with her descriptions.

Throughout this short book, there were memorable scenes and parts that made me think and ask questions. There were parts where things got suspenseful, yet were still well-written. I truly enjoyed listening to this radio show. If you like being able to solve the suspense and adventure, then this book is for you. I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something to listen to on the radio on Sunday.

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